My Heroes

My Heroes


By: Moise J. Michel

Toussaint L’Ouverture, when he led my haitian ancestors to their freedom against the mighty French Army… My hero!

Nat Turner, when he led fellow rebel slaves & free blacks in a rebellion in which they went from plantation to plantation killing slave masters and overseers… My hero!

Harriet Tubman, who led many slaves to their freedom through the underground railroad… My hero!

Huey P. Newton, who founded the black panther party and made black people believe in themselves & fight the powers that be… My hero!

Dr. Martin Luther King, who protested peacefully in the fight against social injustices towards blacks… My hero!

Maya Angelou, who encouraged us all to believe that “Our Black Is Beautiful”… My hero!

Marcus Garvey, who preached that there was no land better than the original homeland of africa…My hero

Booker T. Washington, Muhammed Ali, Bob Marley, Malcolm X, Sojourner Truth, Ida b. Wells, Frederick Douglass & many other black luminaries where all my heros!