Boomshakers Nation

Boomshakers Nation

Baby Boomers are Online

On your smartphone scripture can be found in Luke 24: 1-12


Long before there were social media tribes such as “Rock Nation” (Jay Z followers) to “Bielievers” (Justin Bieber followers), there is the original tribe formed in the Disco Era, “Boomshakers”.  Who and where are they now?  They are the Baby Boomer generation and they are online!

There are notions about these OG funkateers that need to be dispelled. Absolutely, Boomers are on the Internet. Unlike younger generations that may have one major internet connected device, Boomers over time have acquired the full complement of devices (tablet, smartphone, laptop, desktop, and yes, palm pilot) and nowadays, maintain robust double digit GB to unlimited data plans. Whether in the home or on the road in the car, Boomers are connected to the Internet 24/7.

Shifting the status quo online, Boomers in every aspect of life have integrated the digital world.  During Sunday service at church, worship leaders are now routinely inviting congregants to locate scripture on an online device.  Knowing that on the majority of Boomshakers’ home screens right there front and center is the “BIBLE” app.  As for e-commerce, Boomers flushed with cash are willing to spend not only on themselves but also for those and things they care most about.  They are using shopping apps to get what they want; almost instantaneously by way of home delivery.  Media downloads of varying kind like e-books, movies, music, and photos are favored by this unassuming yet, vast online group.

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With an expectation of limitless possibilities and refuting aging being a factor, Boomershakers look forward and desire most to remain relevant; freely relying on members of more youthful generations to coach them in being some of the most skillful, prolific users in the digital world.

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2. present in large numbers or quantities; plentiful.
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