Alfred A. Edmond Jr. Pens Free E-Book on How Love and Relationship...

Alfred A. Edmond Jr. Pens Free E-Book on How Love and Relationship Choices Impact Your Career, Business and Finances

Award-winning business journalist and Grown Zone Relationship Education co-creator authors new e-book, Buy Love, Get Trouble. Sell Love, Get Screwed.


A new book by award-winning business journalist and relationship educator Alfred A. Edmond Jr. focuses on how business, career and financial success is either served or sabotaged by the choices we make in pursuit of sex, love and relationships. Buy Love, Get Trouble. Sell Love, Get Screwed is available as a complimentary E-book for a limited time only.

Edmond says he wrote Buy Love, Get Trouble. Sell Love, Get Screwed for “high-achieving/high-potential” entrepreneurs, executives and professionals who comprise the primary client base of Grown Zone Relationship Education (, the training and coaching business he operates with his wife, business partner and personal growth expert Zara D. Green.

“Thanks to more than three decades of experience covering entrepreneurs and business leaders, as well as hard-earned personal experience, I’ve learned that the single biggest factor of long-term business, career and financial success is the quality of the decisions you make in your relationships—especially romantic relationships,” says Edmond. “Making poor relationship decisions is the single biggest threat to that success.”

In the book, Edmond sites as an example “the woman with an Ivy League MBA, a great business mind, a promising company with excellent staff—who approaches her business life as a thinly-veiled, desperate gambit to land a rich, powerful husband, not new business for her firm. She wonders why she’s not taken seriously as a business woman, showing up at business conferences and industry events with a different ‘fiancé’ every couple of years or so. The truth is, no B-school teaches you how to deal with daddy and abandonment issues, or the unhealthy belief that a woman, no matter her accomplishments, is worth less as a single person than she is as a wife (or at least a girlfriend).”

Another example: “You know that line in Kanye West’s song “Gold Digger” about the football star winning the Super Bowl and driving off in a Hyundai?,” Edmond writes. “I know of at least two smart and successful business owners whose personal and business assets are being drained because they thought their CEO title gave them 007 status—a license to kill (with the ladies). Between child support, spousal support and (in at least one case), a sexual harassment suit settlement, their businesses have been hampered by both drained resources and owners distracted by stress and drama instead of being focused on growing their companies.

Subjects addressed in Buy Love, Get Trouble. Sell Love, Get Screwed include:

  • Why It Pays To Learn How To Love
  • How Smart Business People Put Their Success At Risk In Relationships
  • Signs Your Sweetheart Is Using Love to Get Control of Your Money
  • 8 Money Moves You Should NEVER Make for Love

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